illegal immigrants - what about our economy?

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    i see so many blacks in the ghetto having babies and collecting welfare. they always complain about the economy and how there are no job opportunities. however, there are so many illegal immigrants that risk their lives by crossing our dangerous borders and they have no problem finding work ; in fact many work two jobs.
    also, i never hear blacks saying they want to be engineers, software designers, hedge fund managers, or lawyers.its always rappers or a pro athlete. this irresponsible behavior is really starting to get to me.
  2. it is very frustrating and quite honestly i dont have an answer. the only viable option is for president obama to emphatically address the black community by saying a baby is our most precious commodity and having a two parent house hold gives a new born the best shot in life. also, if you have a baby and are already on welfare, having another is both irresponsible and selfish.
  3. If you have a kid you can't afford to support, you should DO JAIL TIME!
  4. if someone has a child and they have trouble affording the baby; it happens. thats not my beef. its when they keep having babies and its when they have babies at a young age out of wedlock.
    over 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock . i wonder how many have siblings from different men.. this is just outrageous and something needs to be done .
  5. There are plenty of job opportunities for blacks. All they have to do is pull up their pants and learn to speak English correctly, and they will find its much easier to get a job.
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    from an economic pt. of view it makes sense for an unskilled woman to have another baby, especially in large cities.
  7. ...well, blacks are realists, in a way, they KNOW that those lofty goals are hard to achieve with a GED, that basically still renders them illiterate. Menial jobs suck - there is a fine line between slavery and menial jobs that pay SHIT. I do not condone - but I UNDERSTAND. The whole system is fucked up! Also engineers are royally fucked over after finishing a US degree that cost them an arm and a leg they find themselves competing with Indian and Chinese ones that perhaps are better, but often got free education. I discuss some of these issues in my book - Fuckism. :)
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    Except for maybe the very top tiers I disagree about Chinese and Indian engineers being better - it's simply corporate bullshit to justify importing them to lower costs. I've worked with some that have "masters" degrees from India that would not have made it through an undergrad CS curriculum at a state school in the US.
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    give this man an A for effort.
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