Illegal aliens eligible for tax rebates

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nick Leeson Jr, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Makes me sick . . .

    WASHINGTON — The $146 billion stimulus package intended to jolt the economy by giving taxpayers rebates up to $1,200 includes cash returns for illegal immigrants who pay taxes.

    Under the plan passed by the House, illegal immigrants who qualify as "resident aliens" and earned a minimum of $3,000 would be eligible for rebates of between $300-$600.,2933,326346,00.html
  2. But "high income" taxpayers will get shut out.
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    I wish.

  4. one presidential candidate had it right "why are we borrowing money from China, to stimulate the economy by buying from the Chinese?"

    If we stopped building so much debt, then all the $$$ going to pay off interest would be more than the stimulus we would ever need.
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    Now that's a candidate I could probably vote for.
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    People that are getting the money don't earn enough to pay taxes and the high income people that pay taxes are not getting the rebate, it's a $150 billion wealth transfer designed to punish the prosperous Jews and Protestants of the USA... time to raise my programminng rates and cut the mexicans wages some more, can't I just own some of them, have them work the orchards, sort of love them and care for them in their old age?? Our relationship would be better and it would be better for all of our health status, being friendly and loving like that... I can just see it, I'm strolling the orchards and they are all smiling and waving at me..... Ola Senor Jeffe...... buen dia a Usted... The way it is right now I have Tijuana on one side of the property and La Familia on the other side, we got La Familia to crank the 10000 watt rap music shit down to levels we can live with and the tijuana crowd to fix the septic tank so raw sewage would not run into the yard [I'm not making this up].... they still hang the wash in the front yard and have broken cars in the yard but hey... it's not a high rent district really......