I'll tell you why you can't make money, but it won't help you anyway

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  1. the conundrum of trading is that first you need ability to focus and think and learn

    but the screwed up thing is

    you then have to let go and trade without mind, like a robot, without any personal opinions

    that is why you can't do it

    how many jobs ask you to FOCUS and then LET GO

    not many can do this job :)
  2. Mr J

    Mr J

    Focus doesn't stop us from being objective. You make it sound contradictory, when they are not. They go hand in hand, and one often leads to the other.
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  4. You said "how many jobs ask you to focus and then let go."

    I would question how many jobs require the individual to use a disciplined system yet take on a substantial amount of risk?

    There are two types of people who become traders. The risk taker and the prudent. About 90% of them are the risk takers.

    The risk takers need to learn dicisipline and control. Few do.

    The prudent need to learn risk.

    You do need certain cognitive abilities such as a process of experimentation and elimination but beyond that you need the ability to change yourself.
  5. Chicago


    Pretty much every single successful franchise (and for that matter, most businesses) out there. A tremendous amount of thinking and planning goes into developing the franchise. But very little thinking is involved on the execution side. That's why a high school kid can run and manage a McDonalds.

    With trading you are trying to build a business... not have a job.