I'll send u cookies!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by killATwill, May 17, 2005.

  1. if you can help me with this one. i'm using IB's DDE fro excel. i need to be able to transmit a conditional order that triggers another set of "if-filled" conditionals. hit me up on this board or pm with the right answer, and if it works, i'll send you some cookies from mrsfields.com or your fav cookie shop. i know how to do this in their tws. it's gotta work for the excel DDE.

  2. c is for cookie. mmm mmmm mmm
  3. r-in


    Cookies! How 'bout Maya Kulycky in a thong?
    Sorry was on hold and not trading so had to be the idiot. :D At the same time if you can....
  4. shoot, i'll send maya too
  5. offer is over. IB was helpful. thanks.
  6. r-in


    Oh well, just as well, significant other might have committed murder if Maya showed up in a thong anyway. Dang :D