‘I’ll Put a Bullet in Her F***ing Skull’: Trump Supporter Threatens to Murder lhan Omar

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  1. The fact that both sides are engaged in dick measuring competition for who is the worst and most violent indicates how divided this country is. the problem is that our current president doesn't try to unite us but rather fuels the fire with divisive rhetoric.
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    That was a Bernie Bro but nice try
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  5. The dumb-ass was also a birther.

    Trump supporter spewed death threats at Obama long before his arrest for threatening Ilhan Omar


    Carlineo frequently posted “birther” conspiracy theories about Obama, and he often endorsed Trump and promoted Fox News content.

    “This president has done more by himself than the muslim did in 8 years,” Carlineo posted in November 2017.

    Carlineo posted a photo of Obama and Eric Holder, then the attorney general, wishing that would “end up like the Kennedys,” two of whom were assassinated.

    He also endorsed a meme asking if “dictator Obama” should be removed by force, saying “it’s time,” and shared other content suggesting gun violence against the Democratic president and Muslims.

    Carlineo posted racist content related to Muslims and pigs at least eight times between 2013 and 2018, according to The Guardian.
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    You are full of sh!t. It's the left promoting all the violence ...


    How soon the left forget...

    Eventually the masses get tired of leftest crap and stand their ground

    Democrats only respond to violence, keep on asking and crossline.
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    You libtards are a sad bunch. One day you'll pick on the wrong person and get owned.
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    He wants to punch the president.

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    Trump found a replacement for Moore/Cain
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