I'll bet 1 Million

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  1. I would raise money and then bet the 1 million or so that I raise, OBAMA will be re-elected.


    Even with the low polls....this country is so beyond fucked in the head that the idiot population will vote him in again.

    They SYSTEM will get him re-elected as he will have near a half billion dollars of a war chest.

    Save this post.... and re-read this Nov 2012.
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    Of course he will be re elected

    Just look at the parade of misfits the GOP has come up with
  3. Obama will win unless Cain is running against him to split the black vote. An African American is absolutely not going to vote for Rick Perry/Bachmann or any of the rest, it is like asking a Persian to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu to be president of Iran.
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    I dont think the op is going out on much of a limb with the so called "bet"
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  7. Not going to happen, in fact, nobody you currently see will be the next president.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    He doesnt have two sticks to rub together let alone a million dollars, from what I understand from other traders on this site who traded with him, he is a failed trader who now goes around pretending to be some big shot private equity guy on the internet, something about ET sure does manage to bring out the crazy in people.

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    I noticed you do not say 1 Million what. 1 million peanuts? 1 million water molecules? 1 million ........ ?
  10. He means 1 million dollars....1 million Zimbabwe dollars of course. :)
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