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    If you ever find yourself thinking 'I'll be happy when my account has reached $1 million' or 'when I can retire' or anything similar, I have advice. Realize that that day may never come. You don't have the future. All you have is right now. Change your inner dialogue so that you don't always put your happiness some time in the future. Realize that you have to be happy now. If you're not happy now, you won't be happy then. It's great to have goals but stop and smell the roses and appreciate right now
  2. Good Advice.

    Of course its much easier said than done. I remember hearing Tony Robbins say the same thing. He talks about that we make ourselves happy when we decide. Like we tell ourselves X + Y+ Z needs to happen before we can be happy. Like we need 1 million dollars, lots of friends, and a pretty wife and that will make us happy. But really does money in your bank account generate the endorphins in your brain? No, those endorphins are generated because YOU generated them with your thoughts. So many chase money, women and whatever else, but all they really want is to be happy. The truth is that all you have to do is learn to control your mind and you will acheive that happiness. Of course, thats the hard part...deprogramming yourself from years and years of bad programming.