I'll be damned

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cheeks, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. cheeks


    I'll be damned.

    The Nas 100 above its 50 day and trying to stay there. Now that's something we have not seen in a while.

    who knows.............Maybe we will even " test resistance". This is really getting weird. :p
  2. wall street is now full of traders who missed this rally praying for retest of lows so they can get in. they are unlikely to get it. so for now we are in a buy the dips mode until some news event changes sentiment again.
    i dont see new lows again this year.how can we recreate the fear that got us to those lows.we had warthreat ,crooked ceos,bankruptcys,terrorists.
  3. hey it may even poke it's head above the 200-day ma again like Dec-Jan.

    The nasdaq above its 200-day; now that's something you haven't heard much in the last 2+ years.
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    I forgot the Nas even had a 200 day.
  5. Sashe


    Isn't Naz 200 MA @1555? and we're at 1331
    However, it's above it's 50EMA