I'll be damned: Swearing can actually make it feel better!

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  1. Swearing Can Make It Feel Better

    Swearing may actually reduce the pain of, say, slicing your finger with a kitchen knife or accidentally banging your toes or your head. New research from Britain's Keele University shows that when you let loose with a few four-letter words after these commonplace injuries, you can ease the discomfort. For the study, the investigators asked 64 volunteers to immerse their hands in a tub of ice water for as long as possible while repeating their favorite swear word. Then, they were asked to repeat the experiment but to choose a word that they would use to describe a table. The researchers found that the volunteers could keep their hands in the ice water longer while swearing than when they repeated a non-swear word. Just how swearing helps reduce pain isn't known, although the researchers commented that profanity appears to arise in the right brain and taps into emotional brain centers. And they noted that swearing may have persisted for many centuries and across cultures because it makes us feel somewhat better when we're in pain. The study was published in the August 5, 2009 issue of the journal NeuroReport.

  2. f%çk :p
  3. The implications for trading seem obvious enough. Swear after a losing trade is exited in order to feel better about it and get over it. Don't have a hissy fit during a losing trade, because you don't really want to feel too good about one of those while it's in progress. Oh, and if holding on to winners is a challenge, then perhaps speaking in blue while a winning trade is playing out might help. :D

  4. strong point !
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    picking up a keyboard and beating a monitor with it can make you feel pretty good too
  6. Only if the equipment is covered under warranty. (A little hedging never hurts.)
  7. Physical damage voids the warranty.

    When I use profanity it is not in a rage nor really from anger, for me it's away to release disappointment before it turns to anger or rage. Most the time after verbally expressing my emotions I laugh. You gotta pay to play.
  8. "Swearing may actually reduce the pain "

    Another academic study authored by a "master of the obvious".

    I've never been envious of a person with a "degree".
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    How do you view those with a degree from the school of hard knocks Sir? :)

    Take Care

  10. I gather you refer to "Road Scholars?"
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