I'll admit I contemplated suicide, tough rig, tough gig

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    I thought about offing myself while in a bag for corpses in order to make it easer for cops to just carry me out (those guys have a tough job)

    I see a thread posted by nitro about MERC trader offing himself,

    I want to make this thread for those who are feeling down because trading is such a ruthless tough to break it in sport. Always remember every day that countless guys like you the dreamers the noobs on their way to financial freedom blow their account, think of it as a right of passage, think of it as a lesson.

    I blew my account several times
    I experienced depression

    you are not alone, you must bear it
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    that link shows what true suffering is, disturbing on many levels
    I have a theory
    The More Intelligent you are The Less religious you are, The More Prone To offing yourself. :eek:
  4. I am not feeling down, but I feel your pain. For about one day all my gains were gone and I felt really dumb, then I was able to get most of my gains back.

    However Friday October 10, I was depressed. At the end od the day after the market closed I went trough charts, news, studies and I just could not let it go. I was thinking that since I still had my capital I could come back. I was trying to find a way to do it, get my money back, for the entire day I just stayed at home.

    Then at about 8 pm I went out only because I was starving, I did not eat the whole day so I forced myself to go to a burger joint.

    Well when I was there I suddenly woke up. No one at that place seemed to care about what happened in the financial world. I am sure most people there did not have millions, yet...they were enjoying themselves, chatting, tasting a great burger and listening to some music.

    Although all gains were gone and the market was really bad, the world will still go on another day with or without you.

    Being in tune with the world, may help you to be a better trader.

    There are two types of problems usually, the ones that can be solved with money and the ones that can't.

    Thanks God, with enough money your problem will be eventually solved. The moment that money is not good enough to solve them, then you'll be in real troubles.
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    excellent point guy90opl

    getting out and looking at other people for fresh perspective is very GOOD

    everyone should do this :)
  6. I don't get euphoric or depressed over money
    I don't get euphoric or depressed over a job, a girlfriend, a car or anything else.

    The most important thing in life is Health, as long as I'm healthy, I'm happy.
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    I dispute your theory. There are no atheist suicide bombers or martyrs.
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    Hate to say this mate, but if trading means that much to you then QUIT.

    The market doesn't care if you lose everything. Other traders don't care if you lose everything. If trading is everything to you, and you do top yourself, nobody will give a shit. The market is the great equaliser - it doesn't give a fk who you are, what you know or where you're from.

    Spend your time developing relationships and enjoying your family and friends - these are the things that matter - NOT MONEY.

  9. Probably wrong. The Tamil Tigers are not driven by religion and invented belt bombs. Palestinians adopted the tactics of the Tigers.
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    who are you to tell me to quit

    who are you to tell me what I should strive for in life

    who are you to tell me what to spend my money on

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    PS: you will never succeed, you don't even know the hours needed for this business

    you could be a painter or joe blow making fries,

    but a trader YOU ARE NOT
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