ILA my love. No, wait I really love yo9u.

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  1. Mr. DNA

    Mr. DNA

    All the losses are gone

    as the learning curve seeks it's equilibrium

    ILA, Haiku priestess

    today is the crystal world of ILA

    ILA my love, i didn't even know what you sell.

    You sleep till 9:28

    In at 4.15

    Out at 5.09

    Yeah, cuz that's like 31.25% long.

    I ride the last spike to 5.23 as I scream, cry, and try to pray.
    and crank the funk on spinner as I see my breath on the garage sale monitor.

    I've never lost so much in 35 seconds as I did from 5.23 to 4.ninety-something. Instant, whirling, straighten-up, this is a job, loss.

    But I bounce. And I'm up so far anyway, It is OK.

    How can one trade wipe out all the loss?
    Bet it all.
    i don't have to work for 6 weeks.
    Bet it all.
    I won't have to be a systems engineer any more.
    I will bet it all.
    I will burn my MCSE. and then I will,...
    i will space on my black velvet blacklight poster of George Soros that I got at Spencer Gifts.
    Then I will bet it all.
    I will never want for anything.
    My people will be safe.
    cuz I know how to bet it all.

    The statistician is the teacher, the gambler is the preacher.

    Getch freakon ILA

    ILA my love.

    Will you come over tomorrow.

    Wait, what was your whole name?

    Yeah, I come from garage land.

    Oh, ILA

  2. size


    spencer gifts?? What a blast from the past in the staten island mall.