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  1. I've searched the forum and have gathered some bits and pieces......but, can some users of IKEA desks or tables give me a product review (quality).

    I would love to see them in a showroom, but that's not practical at this time.

    Thanks, Trvl.
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    I just visited a showroom....quality on the office stuff wasn't the greatest...but the value & asthetics were incredible...the table desktops that (IMO) were the nicest were where they sell the tops separate from the legs...

    for example, they has a stainless desktop that was very solid, I think about $150.00 with legs you buy for about $5.00 each

    The kidney shaped & butcher block tops were also pretty nice...
  3. I live near an ikea and can tell you that some of the stuff is quality and other stuff is total junk.

    I have this desk although mine has a piece of frosted glass on top so it looks and feels nice. The desk itself is cheap and feels cheap but with the glass top its fine.


    I'm not a fan of "computer" desks. I just like a nice big flat surface to work on. No cubby holes or monitor stands or anything like that.
  4. Can't be the quality and value of the Jerker (without the shelf) if you are just starting out or you want a good price/quality ratio. I use these for new traders and they are incredibly solid and versatile.

  5. Thanks for the responses so far. This is desk replacement and the product I am looking at is a 63" table with "A" legs. I just need a bigger surface for multi apps including trading and photo work.

    Thanks again!!
  7. The fredrik is an excellent multiple function desk. It used to be called the "jerker" and I suppose that resulted in a name change.


    I run my soundsystem on the two side mounts and have plenty of space for everything on it. Be sure to buy the separate PC mount and speaker stands.
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    about 3 years ago i re-furnished my home office. i ended up making an appt. at ikea to work with a salesperson. she had some graph paper with little things you can move around on it, and together we desgined my ideal office.

    i looked at the web site and i couldn't find what I have, so maybe they've changed line up a bit.

    i ended up with the large kidney shaped table, with an extra end cap on one end and some file cabinets and a combo book shelf with cabinet.

    the quality of ikea in general is so so. but some of their office furniture is better. i would not buy their stuff for the rest of my house because the quality is "college dorm" or, "first apt." level quality. its too bad becasue the designs are great. however, i have bought some things for my daughter's room.

    overall, i'm very happy with my ikea ofice furniture.
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    Jerker is a GREAT desk. You can adjust the table elevation. Multiple hardware on each level. Side Add-on holds CPU. It can handle 3 19" monitors on one level. More if you forgo other hardware on other levels.
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