IIP - Internap Network Services

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Preston Forbes, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. IIP- Internap Network Services

    This is an upcoming ISP, with some of the biggest names out there...as clients such as
    * Adobe
    * Hewlett-Packard
    * Motorola
    * VeriSign
    * Vonage
    * Colgate-Palmolive
    * Duke Energy
    * Edmunds.com
    * Google
    * Toyota

    They hold the patents to some intelligent/redundant internet routing technology. I know the whole industry is a bit depressed or undervalued, as they're all lumped into the tech category. Does anyone have any comments or advice on these guys and the sector.
  2. its a pos that never gets anything right. i should know i have owned some for 2 years. every dog has its day. i keep thinking some bs news release will pop it someday.
  3. Yeah...I've had it for a while as well...I just hope it pops UP and not down...someday.
  4. Yup. Know them well .... I helped them with their IPO. Stock went to 70 or 80 a share after initial pricing of around 15 or so - I think it opened in the high teens or around 20. ,,,, at some point it went sub 1.00 and got delisted and onto the sheets ....

    Few if any of the original people are involved with the company - especially after they moved from seattle to atlanta.
  5. so do you think they have anything of value that might eventually get a bid?
  6. could there technology just have been too advanced and expensive, so they lost out to cheap low cost providers (lynksys and netgear products).

    fiber optic was too early for example, much has sitten dark for years, and is now blowing up.