IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship Canada versus USA

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wrbtrader, Jan 5, 2021.

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    USA 2 versus Canada 0

    Well executed game by the United States...they walked the talk.

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    Cool! I watched hockey when I was a kid, but never really followed it. When I went to the U of Minnesota I got into college hockey and love the college games. The best were the Gophers vs. Badgers. The crowds and atmosphere in Mariucci arena was great. During one game a Badger fan tossed a dead gopher on the ice and the place erupted with drunken college students. I also learned hockey in Minnesota is a time to worship, they preempted national programming for the high school tournament.
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    I wasn't much of a fan of college hockey but almost all my friends played it in college. Yet, my grandfather use to take us kids to the college hockey games in the Dakotas...he was only able to encourage my youngest brother to pick up the sport.

    In contrast, its a big with a few cousins / nephews living in the Dakotas...they play college hockey including a few nieces.

    Yet, I'm a big Chicago Blackhawks fan and my kids play competitive hockey too although they're now growing into other sports like rowing and swimming.