Discussion in 'Stocks' started by skaranam, May 17, 2006.

  1. skaranam


    BSE went up by 344 points last night but both IIF and IFN fell today. IFN is very close to it's NAV. Is it a good buy now?
  2. IIF is closer to its NAV.
    When Indian market tanks tomorrow though the gap may widen.
    IFN premium is way up 25 %, but it is a good trading stock regardless of the premium..
    Trading ETF's long or short wrt to NAVs' premiums/discounts may be very dangerous if you are not familiar with them.
  3. MR.NBBO


    IIF, lookin good.
  4. Samc


    anyone have ANY idea why IFN is down so much today?

  5. they were up in an exaggerated fashion the last few days compared to most world mkts, does look like a pretty massive drop today tho

    wish these were shortable at IB
  6. Not available at GS either....havent been for weeks
  7. Samc


    I can't say I know for sure...but it seems very very odd for the fund to drop this much w/ no news and nothing special happening in the Indian markets....there is some sort of dividend July 3, I don't know if that is what it has to do with.