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  1. Investors Intelligence weekly update came out this morning....
    58% Bulls; 16% Bears. The Bears number is close to an ALL-TIME LOW!!
    Well, this is obviously worrisome for much larger gains in the market from this point forward until a correction to the latest move off the March lows occurs. This coupled with several other indicators that I follow has me moving to the sidelines after being in this from the mid March.

    Time for a correction?

    I'm in cash for awhile.
  2. Does II provide some sort of graph overlayed on top
    of the market that shows some sort of correlation with
    this info and potential market turns?

    Thanks for the info!
  3. You can find that info in any Investors Business Daily Newspaper in Section B.

  4. Thanks...I looked around and found these graphs. Some of
    the graphs are definitely at their extremes!