igor igor igor (aka 990)

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  1. is back to stay!! go IGOR!!!
  2. he spanked it around, yet again! flash and pull baby, accumulate that position!!
  3. The ES was so goofy today. It was probably him and a couple of other big locals slapping that thing around. That will last until some major player runs everyone one over.
  4. "Watch and you shall see, but you can never catch me!" - igor

    "They can know what I'm doing, yet never again will they stop me!" - igor

    "My second coming is going to make the first look like childs play!" -igor

    "I control the books like the back of a pimps hand controls a ho!" -igor

    "I am the S&P!" -igor

    "Traders are like bulimics, push them a little and they puke!" -igor

    "It's just so easy!" -igor
  5. I always see EVERYTHING with my cumulative delta - you can never hide your volume plays from me. :cool:
  6. Ah,Igor... the Keyser Soze of the e-mini S&P !!!

    A spook story traders tell their kids at night...
  7. "35% percent of the daily volume! I continue to impress myself!" -igor

    "10,000 in the bid for over 3 minutes. who got the biggest balls now?" -igor

    "I switch up my game as often as I switch my bitches - continuously" -igor

    "To be the best, you must beat the best! ;)" -igor
  8. Whomever this igor guy is. He must have no life. Maybe he should come out of the closet. Sad Sad ;-|
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    Is Igor still at Gelber?
  10. chch66


    Igor has been insignificant for years now in the minis...he took a beating in 05 and has watched the Jump Trading's of the world do the same tricks on him that he used to do with the rest of the market.

    There is no subsitute for the speed of the algo's.
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