Ignored sector will have it's day soon...

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  1. I am talking the amazing cash flow of strip clubs *upscale ones.

    These companies are reporting an avalanche of business and they are at the infancy of actually branding the industry.

    I think a reasonable cash flow analysis going forward gets you a double in a year and possibly a 10 bagger in 5 years.

    Buy PTT and RICK now and you will be happy.
  2. Joab


    Ummmm sorry to burst your bubble but Strippers are so yesterday it isn't funny.

    Why would a guy pay $20 a dance just to "see" some naked chick who's going to abuse him and take all the money he gives her and give it to her pimp loser boyfriend?

    I can see a horse and 3 girls all have sex for free on the internet :eek:

    My point is the business model is dead.
  3. topdown


    I think "horse and 3 girls all have sex .com" is a pay site.

  4. 3 words baby "adam pacman jones"!
  5. Look at the sales results.....screaming higher.

  7. Cash flow is all good and fine for officer salaires, meeting payrolls, fixed asset acquistions, and demonstrating capacity to lenders, but it doesn't move paper.

    And..............the PTT's paper's already moved. 12-bagger, since cut in half, and with minimal price history. Price to revenue isn't exactly a bargain at 5.6x and insiders flipping out. But.....................there is a short interest presence. Rocket fuel? Maybe, but the chart doesn't suggest it.

    I didn't bother to look at RICK. Should I?
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