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  1. CSEtrader


    Good day, Baron and Magna!
    I've seen now that Destiero, who is on my ignore list, have posted again something on my threads.
    Happy to not read, once he is on ignore, but I really do not think he could be allowed to write anything more on this particular thread.

    Once offenses and oppression are against ET's rules, and our case is really very special, where even children's suffering is involved, I am wondered if there is or can be created kind of filter which will be prohibited to the member who already makes offenses to post again.
    Please, advise, about the solution.
    Thank you.
  2. iccenuol


    CSE. Never ignore anyone. You're missing out on so much in life (seriously).
  3. destriero


    CSE, this server is not located in Mockba. We still have 1st A rights in this country. You’re on the record stating that I am “100% accurate” in my comments related to your situation. Take my advice as it’s the only actionable advice you’ve received.

    You’re posting here of your own volition. I’ve never mentioned your children.
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  4. CSEtrader


    Hello, are you really 19?
    Then I can understand! Some tenths years later you may join to the same conclusion, as I do, and simply avoid to met certain people or put them on ignore. Life is too beautiful. With certain individuals there is simply no way to communicate - they have no arguments, the only tool in their possession is to create scandals and spread offenses. Why waste your time? Is it for what you were born?
    D. has an unbelievable low level of conversation, I am not a doctor and can not help his problems. As for me - we have enough of proves and burden, so must concentrate our energy on real things. The critics and support are helpful; the reasoned questions are welcome; the good suggestions, as from Padu and Vanzandt here, are gems; but not ignored posters with ridiculous cliche" she lost money" and dirty information about how UBS' gang devoured our home.
    We don't lose money. We made five years agreement and when after one year make a number of complaints to UBS about always late executions, they halted our trading, refunded only 2% and the story has begun. Here are our last updates on the website https://letsmaketheworldfairer.com/2019/02/27/27-february-2019/.

    But the Goliath we are fighting is big and unscrupulous. And trolls like D. shouldn't be allowed for free circulations.
    If Xela, who was a queen in this blog for some time, apparently created no damages at the side of being unknown personality, D. creating exactly damages on our reputation and on the reputation of ET, bringing it down to scandals and use of bad words.
  5. destriero


    Your Queen was a dude. A one man troll farm on a dozen servers. Completely fabricated background. I didn’t out Xela. Contra called her out on the FX volume. I ran with it and everyone credited me with outing the dude. My inbox blew up with people linking me to her affiliate marketing BS. Only to find out that she wasn’t even into the affiliate marketing shit. That too was a scam within a scam.

    Stop wasting your time with this nonsense. The ludicrous idea that UBS lawyers receive notification when someone signs your petition. If you’re going with pure fantasy then make it plausible. Did you eat paint as a child?

    Anyone want to see the piss-soaked mattresses she had on the floor? Court docs filed by UBS suing for the condition of the home? The fire deemed suspicious?
  6. CSEtrader


    I can see that offender is already here, like Italian proverb:"parli del diavolo, e spuntano le corna" - speak of the devil and he is here. :D
  7. Sprout


    Block function keeps someone logged in from seeing your posts. For some trolls though, they circumvent this by also having another browser window open and not logged in so that they can see all posts.

    Best just to not give any energy to an energy vampire.

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  8. CSEtrader


    Truth, thank you, Sprout!
    But for the whole health of our precious reality of ET will be very nice if trolls could be prevented from posting.
    For instance, on one thread on ET Halls of Fame I found : "you don't have enough privilege to post here", so will be nice to have it too.
    Especially on the face of multiple, confirmed troll's information, offenses, baseless accusations with only mean to create scandal.
  9. Sprout


    The function exists in terms of being banned by a moderator for violating tos.

    You can report individual posts.

    There has been talk of having a ‘dislike’ feature. But that would be problematic in creating more tribal echo chambers. Trolls seem to run in packs.

    Imho, best to be disciplined and deprive trolls of the very thing they seek - validation by your attention to them.

    Time is better spent by one having attention on posters that you respect and can share gems of accumulated trading wisdom derived from experience - as well as having intelligent rational discourse from those not emotionally reactive and damaged.
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  10. wrbtrader



    If you're trying to control whom can post and whom can not post in your thread at a public forum...

    Its much easier to do such via creating your own blog, website, small forum or all of them. You'll be in total control of the content being posted via along with being able to moderate any commentary without being dependent upon others to do it for you.

    That's the best type of filter that you can create...a very easy solution.

    Another thing you may consider, the stuff you're posting about is personal and a legal issue or complaint...

    Why the heck would you post it at a public forum like Elitetrader.com instead of posting the same info at your own blog, website or small forum ???

    Baron is in complete control here and he has access to the statistics behind anything that gets posted here at his forum...you do not have access to that info so that you can determine whom you're reaching with your concerns.

    At the same time, Destriero has the right to his opinions and facts at the same public forum that you choose to post at about issues involving yourself. Yet, don't misunderstand, I'm not attacking you but I just don't understand the soap opera being played out at Elitetrader.com when you can control it in your own backyard via posting it at your own blog, website or small forum.

    Funny thing is that I've heard a few other members get issues like this resolved via having their lawyer contact Baron even though the OP (like you) are the ones that started or open the topic at a public forum.

    CSEtrader, I'm just not a fan of you trying to solicit public outrage about Destriero. As Destriero stated...you should stop wasting your time with this nonsense but I will add that you should stop doing such here at Elitetrader.com and if you need to continue this issue...do it in your own controlled environment.

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