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  1. vanzandt


    Would it be hard to enable a feature that alerts a member when someone puts them on ignore?
    The same way a member is alerted when someone "follows" them.

    The only reason I ask is.... Soes (God love him).... allegedly has me on ignore but I can still see all of his posts. Now I know Soes doesn't have me on ignore... he secretly admires and follows me... but thats not the point.

    The bigger picture is... it might actually enhance the quality of posts from a member who is here to stay but is annoying as hell. I think if people know for real when someone puts them on ignore and they get enough alerts along those lines... they might be inclined to do some self reflection and change their act.

    Especially if someone of stature here puts them on ignore. For example... if I logged in and had an alert that said... "Xela has put you on ignore".... I would be devastated lol. Or someone like Robert Morse.

    I think it would be better and way more powerful than someone just typing... "you're on ignore". It would hit home in a more intimate way.
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  2. JackRab


    :D good one Vanz...

    The ignore bit is that they can't see what you are posting...
  3. vanzandt


    I think its two ways, ie you can't see their posts either. Back when Tanti was here... (omg you missed that clown because you were gone.... you'd have eaten him alive JR :D).... he had me on ignore and I couldn't see his posts when I was logged in. I think Magna confirmed that its a two-way deal in a thread here in feedback.

    Edit: Yeah here ya go. https://elitetrader.com/et/threads/...egards-to-thread-viewing.317468/#post-4592046
  4. There should be a color spectrum chart next to someone's name...that shows how many Ignores they have, and how close they are to getting banned. And/or to represent other features or characteristics or statistics about that person. I'm just a highly visual person. rather than seeing linear numbers/words only.
    (it's kind of a stupid idea. i'm just bored right now, and always and restless)
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    How did you get on ignore with Soes? I find it hilarious when he chucks a tantrum and just hit the ignore button when somebody says A and he thinks it's B... good laughs!
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  6. I used to rarely ignore , but find in my dotage it's a lot more efficient than suffering fools.

    Also, the added benefit of knowing that they are p...ing in the wind when they think they are harassing me.,
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  7. bpr


    how about a dislike/disagree button first ???
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  8. I like this.

    If someone gets notice, "147 people have put you on ignore"... perhaps that person would get the message, "I've been an asshat and should consider changing my ways".

    Then again, such a person may decide, "If lots of people think I stink, perhaps I'll take my business elsewhere"... That way, we all win.
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  9. Overnight


    In the ignore list, what does the check-box "Block user completely" mean and do?
  10. Sprout


    Reduces unproductive distractions, increases signal-to-noise and gives peace of mind.

    I’m a believer in diversity and give folks the benefit of the doubt but just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean it’s worth listening to. Not that the opinions might be contra to mine but due to how someone expresses themselves.

    Emotions can be contagious, especially fear, anger, frustration and doubt. Although entertaining for trolls, when someone is in that space best to give a wise and wide berth.
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