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Discussion in 'Politics' started by limitdown, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. ever wonder whether you were on someone's ignore list?
  2. Not really :D


    P.S. Seek professional help, LOL...just kidding :p
  3. I aspire to be on the ignore list of several ET members. After all, mutual respect is an important part of any relationship. Thanks for asking. Regards, Steve46:D
  4. I don't mind to be in someone's ignore list, because
    i have many in my Ass...es list already.

  5. :eek: :confused:
  6. open, rigourous debate on financial and economic matters sharpens iron.

    iron sharpens iron, that's how I learned it.

    I will state that the open rigourous debates that this forum provides, as long as its substantive and relevant to trading issues is time well spent.

    cheer, all
  7. huh, you like it in the crapper?
  8. dookie


  9. I just got a childish, filthy, poorly constructed pm (private message) from WrongWay....

    Its a good thing that there is such a thing as an Ignore List.

    As a general statement of observation, this ET has been the best thing tie-ing together so many disparate independent successful arrogant irrelevant traders together in a hegmony of some union called a discussion panel.

    It would be interesting to actually see how many names we're known by on these boards, and who we really are. There's something about a blog that bleaches the actual human interactions into a two dimensional world. IOW (in other words) had we all met, it is not likely that we would develop our discussions to the extent that we do on these boards, or whether these discussions would ever happen.
  10. I thnk these discussions are great. I learn new ideas, and I can count on ART spurring laughter every day.
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