Ignore list weekend update : NeoRio1

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  1. Republican hack with a more posts/day ratio than zzzzzzzzzz.
    Goodbye stupid fuck
  2. Don't blame me for the questions you can't answer and the ideas you can't come up with.
  3. oktiri...Please add me to your ignore list. I don't want you to educate yourself by reading my posts. Better to keep Liberals dumb and dirty.

    Moe. Are you just another angry blackman? like Michelle Obama.
    Why are you so angry, you are descended from free Negro Canadians. No checks coming to you
  4. I'm not a liberal you dumbass. FYI I don't see how your posts articulate an argument better than the weekly standard, George will or the editorial page of the WSJ. I'm a social conservative with centrist leanings when it comes to economic policy and a "Pat Buchanan" foreign policy outlook (mind our own fucking business)
    Pa(b)st had the merit of knowing how to make a point. Only right winger on this site with a brain.

    I decide who gets the privilege to be in my ignore list. While your opinions are conventional right wing blabber with very little value over listening to Bill O'reillys daily podcast, you're not as "prolific" as NeoRio in his stupidity, or as douchy in attitude. You didn't make the cut, yet.
  5. Michelle Obama is an angry black man?

    Deez reichtard klannish is dumber than diddly shit...

  6. She has the hindquarter to match a Chicago bear lineman

  7. She's not good looking at all, Obama could have done better. But then she's a good mother, they're a decent family. Sthg Mercor would never accept.

    --Damned if they're single mothers with a
    deadbeat father in jail
    --Damned if they're family women married to the president of the United States.

    Shows you how deep & cowardly his racism is.

    Welcome to White Trash America, where Sarah Palin is an intellectual, Joe the Plumber a leader, And Chrysler, the pinnacle of business innovation .
  8. I have sympathy for Black women. It is the Black male who skirts responsibility, like Obama's father.

    What makes the Obama's a unique situation is that Barek was not raised in the black culture. Had he been the percentages say he would walk from his family like his Bro's.

  9. This is actually the first time I read something from you that's intellectually honest.
    nobody has ever denied that Blacks have some serious value issues, Bill Cosby, Obama have extensively talked about that.
    She,Michelle Obama, was raised in a very balanced Black family. So, let's encourage those rare examples where men take responsibility instead of always painting with a broad brush.
  10. Interesting thread. One of the pitfalls of engaging NeoRio1, or other imbeciles like him, in an exchange of any kind, is that he doesn't even know when he has been eviscerated. Hence the expression, "He's too dumb to die."
    #10     Feb 7, 2009