Ignore List Enhancement Request on Forum Topics

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by rgelite, Apr 20, 2004.

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    Hi Baron,

    It would be useful that when a thread has been started by someone on one's Ignore List that the thread itself doesn't even appear as a topic in the various lists on Forum. That'd be my first choice.

    Another perhaps more generally acceptable alternative might be to include (in parentheses) the originator's name along with the thread's subject line in the forum lists.

    Or merely flag that topic with an asterisk to show the reader that a particular thread was started by someone on the Ignore List.

    Those of us who appreciate the Ignore List feature then wouldn't waste our time drilling down into new topics (such as "Soy milk proven safe on Atkins") only to realize immediately that it won't be of any interest to us because some idiotlogue (sic) is using it as a clever springboard to bash dairy cattle ranching in, oh you guessed it, Crawford, Texas with yet another lame emotionalist and vituperative screed, heard once, heard a hundred times.

    However you convey the information to save us the distraction would be fine; I've got no dog in the fight as to the specific remedy, other than the obvious one.

    Thanks for your consideration. I don't envy your job.
  2. Another suggestion re: ignore lists:

    Maybe after a person appears on more than a certain number of ignore lists they can be bounced from the system, kinda like when an ebayer starts racking up negatives they become NARUed (not a registered user).

    Obviously if they're irritating enough people to cause them to be ignored they aren't serving a useful presence on Elite.

    Just a thought. :)
  3. I've been hear for a few years and have made similar suggestion...on several different occassions and so have others.

    It obviously ain't gonna happen.

    If he wanted to do that (notice how I didn't make it sound like if he could) and make it an efficient ingore feature...

    He would have done it a long time ago.

    It's a shame because its all too common to hear someone say if you don't like what someone has to say...

    Put them on your ignore list or don't read their post.

    Well...the flaw with that is that even if they are on our ignore list...we still see any threads they start...we still see their messages being quoted by others.

    Solution: if someone that's not on our ignore list then quotes someone that is on our ignore list...

    That quote should be blacken out or XXXXX out sort'uv speak.

    It's like going to a party and someone you don't like shows up...you turn your back on them but you can still hear them talk...still feel them walk past you and still hear any disturbances they cause.

    Simply, a ignore feature should make someone vanish...never existed.

    Therefore, we should either have an efficient ignore feature like something Yahoo and others use or just get rid of it because it just doesn't work.

    Something else that I know very little about...

    Some forums won't allow the exact same message or very similar message to be reposted in another thread to prevent spamming.

    I've seen ET get spammed on many occassions by someone that repost the same message over and over and over again in different forums.

    Maybe one of the reasons these suggestions are used is because its a software coding issue...

    However, if that were the case...it would be nice if Baron would just say so...so that we can stop repeating the same suggestions over and over again.

    With that said...if he can do it and just doesn't want to...

    It would be interesting to see a reply (explanation) why he doesn't want to do it.

    Once again...as someone would say...

    just put the person on ignore and don't read their messages

    Well...it would be nice if someone on our ignore list no longer exists so that we don't see them being quoted nor do we see them starting threads nor do we even see their names...

    They just don't exist....others forums can do this...why can't ET?

  4. rgelite


    Even better. Thanks. :)