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  1. I make liberal use of the ignore function to manage the signal/noise here. This morning I tried placing a particularly obnoxious poster on ignore after his/her latest outburst of name calling pointlessness. However all I received was:

    If it is ET policy to have "moderators" acting as juveniles, would it be possible to also make them ignorable?

  2. Can you reference the post that you objected to. Thanks
  3. Yes, please reference the post you object to. Thank you.
  4. Ivanovich, there is little point in debating the inappropriateness of your posts with you since, obviously, they are your own posts. Whoever is running this place has access to everything and can decide for themselves.

    I'm not asking to have you demoted - I really don't care - I just want to be able to put you on ignore along with all the other objectionable aliases. Alternately, a clearer distinction could be drawn between personal posts and moderator posts.

  5. I understand your point. I was just curious what post could have so severely offended you since, to my knowledge, the only time we have ever even "talked" to one another was in the post where Harper said "Reckless Americans were responsible for the crisis" (paraphrased).

    In there, you began our conversation by making a little jab at me, and I responded in kind. No profanity was directed at you or at me and the conversation went on and actually became a rather insightful and enjoyable thread.

    So apart from that, I'm at a loss. Sorry, mate.
  6. Joe


    Well, I'd like to see it. If you have enough time to make a thread like this, then how could you not come up with the strength to at least reference it?
  7. So, latest-incarnation-of-t28, are you saying that the fact that I am a moderator of two forums allows me to argue better on the entire site? I suppose I should feel honored to be called a troll by the king of them - the man who has dedicated his life to returning after ban after ban after ban to come here and fling feces at the Hershey-ites of the world.

    Go ahead, as usual. Have the last word. We all know you won't stop until you do.
  8. FTR, Ivanovich is a one of the saner people you will find, either inside or outside of this place ... but especially inside of it.

    I wouldn't do his job if ... riskarb would agree to teach me how he trades.

    Just my $0.02, now back to my trading and my life.

    Later folks,

  9. Oh listen to the oh so suddenly reasonable Russian.. why don't you post another two pages of infantile pictures in the feedback section like all the great trolls.. err mods do
  10. Unrelated but is this the example you want mods making?.. unless of course you are trying to encourage trolls and give them ideas for more colorful and illustrative trolling


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