Ignore chains to save ET from demise

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by MajorUrsa, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Thanks Goy, I have my fears, I'm just not ready to surrender, since that would also mean my disconnecting from this site.

    Maybe I mis-assumed that ET has serious advertisers as clients, whose target audience is now slowly leaving this place. If, as it seems to evolve, instead it is becoming a advert-vehicle for n00b-luring schemers, who are interested in the remaining type of public, I'm out'a here.

    I think is is possible to make a serious forum for serious traders, funded by serious advertisers. Possibly this seriousness is not part of the US type of capitalism, but I still have hopes.

    Frankly I don't see how the simple measures I propose would in any way prohibit this site from making money. Your extended version, with voting, is too directed and prone to misuse. The ignore-button is vote enough, and will work wonders with some added chaining functionality.

    Maybe someone can clarify what purpose is served for the publisher by leaving the situation as is.

    #11     Aug 27, 2007