Ignore and P&R

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by trefoil, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Ignore is nice. I have put on ignore all kinds of utter fools who frequent the P&R forum. Interestingly, this barely affects the rest of the site.
    In P&R, only one thread is currently visible to me on the front page. In the rest of the forums, all five are visible in all except the Trading forum, where three are. This is because I put a couple of the posters who consistently try to call tops or bottoms on evidence less apparent than a string bikini on a Rio beach on ignore, which has upped the quality of what I see in that forum, while having only a minor effect on the quantity.
    It also shows that most of the habitual posters on P&R are here to sling crap at other P&R posters. I figured this out after seeing truly stunningly clear facts on certain topics completely ignored in favor of crap slinging. Even math doesn't dissuade the single-minded down there. There is currently one thread which involves three way mud-slinging at different groups based on religion and race. I used that thread to put every one of the scumsucking participants on ignore. There has been no discernible effect on what I can see on the rest of this site, not surprisingly.
  2. Key to fruitful ET browsing is indeed the mighty Ignore List:cool: