IFSC regulation, anyon knows it?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TurkA, Feb 10, 2012.

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    I am interested if anyone know how IFSC regulation work is it really reliable like FSA or some other regulator..
    Thanks for help
  2. It's not as strict but that's because they deal with a basket of different exchanges in various countries.

    The US regulators take a very different approach. in the US, the regulations are more anti-competitive while the IFSC is more business-friendly and firm-neutral.

    The capital requirements aren't too different. The firms still have to segregate capital but the difference is they provide much less regulation on the individual market. It's cheaper to trade with an IFSC b/d than with a FINRA b/d even though you would think it should be the other way around.
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    So in your opinion if broker has IFSC regulation and it goes down, you will get the money from IFSC or they will sh take care of it.?..
    What policy is behind it anyway??
  4. You can only get your money back if it's insured and if it is they have 99 years to pay you back. Your money is always at risk in the market regardless of who pulls the smoke & mirrors to tell you it's safe

    the IFSC regulates the firms trading multiple nations' equities, commodities, currencies, etc. They are not going to give you your money back. Nobody will, just ask the MF Global clients.
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    Whay are than they here..
    in what kind of situations are yu happy that broker is regulated at IFSC?
  6. they regulate capital requirements, data requirements, etc to keep things uniform and efficient across the european countries. They regulate the banking & other types of securities as well.