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    To-day I was surfing the net, and watching youtube.com. I have read, what I thought was anti-semetic comments on this board. My experiences with the Jewish community was one of mutual respect, and admiration.

    Please go to IfAmericansKnew.org

    I began to cry. Please, what good is all our money, etc. if we do not respect the Geneva Convention. There is a video where children were raped/degraded. A Palestinean cripple after a strip search, was denied a sanitary napkin and had to wait in the airport with blood from her menses.

    The facisist state is here in America...and it has to do with Any criticism of Israel. There are war crimes being performed....all we hear are what the Germans and the rest of the world did to the Jews, which was wrong.....however, two wrongs do not make a right. Just because one is victimized (my family were Holocaust survivors....and no, they were not Jewish...so I guess they don't count)...that does not give one the right to turn around and perpetuate the same onto others.

    If people are denied human rights....what good is a state of Israel? Past President Carter wrote a book, and it was criticized by "the Media" and not given any press......I guess he has no idea about what he is talking about.

    In order to have freedom, the press must not be restricted....the Palestinians were essentially barred from voting...only 2% voted....yet the Israelis all voted. This is not a Jewish/Muslim thing. Because there are many wonderful jews who are my friends and are equally horrified by the ethnic cleansing going on. The US has essentially been bankrupted by the Zionists.....not the jews (jews are also subjected to the same treatment). Funny how the world absolutely hates America now...this was not always the case.

    All I know is that what we resist, persists.....if the Zionists continue to resist human rights that they allow to their own people.....they will receive attacks...not from others, but for their actions against others.

    I live in Canada, and things are not the same as they are in the US. The US is essentially The State of Israel. You are defiled/ostracized if you state a balanced point of view. In the US the Israelis do not have to respect International Law.......but they are not terrorists. Israelis cannot be terrorists....only Palestinians....many jews know better...and it makes all jews look bad.

    I always thought the ADL was wonderful, and that yes, jews are blamed for everything......again, this is not a jewish issue.....it is about respecting academic freedom and freedom of speech. I speak foreign languages and am appaulled at the difference of the news in the US versus the rest of the world.

    (I am not paranoid, but I am scared that the Zionists will come after me for writing this....apparently Princess Diana was going to advocate for the Palestinians, that is why she was assassinated, ).
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    Too bad there isn't an IfCanadiansKnew website, then you might be more worried about cleaning up your own mess instead of indulging in typical Canadian-liberal America bashing.

    Like fascist human rights commissions.

    Or Innocent Polish travelers being brutally attacked and killed by police just for being frustrated at the inneptness of the Vancouver airport authority.

    Or a health care system that insists that people must die on waiting lists so as to adhere to socialist principles instead of allowing them to purchase their own healthcare.

    Look in the mirror pal...
  3. Canada is a good country, it just has its share of islamofascists and morons (this guy is both). He does not represent Canada any more than Johnny Jihad (John Walker Lindh) represents the US.

    Besides he is posting such clueless and funny nonsense that he's quite amusing. In one of his previous posts he actually declared that Saudi Arabia is a bastion of religious tolerance and diversity.

    PS you don't hurt his feelings by attacking Canada, in fact he gets so excited when a western nation is criticized he may prematurely ejaculate. Mention terrorism or islamofascism in the Muslim world instead and see him explode.
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    Wanna bet? I live in Canada and I hear this kind of America bashing all the time. Most liberal Canadians (which means most Canadians) think they are so superior to Americans - they can't even see their own arrogance. Yeah, yeah, Canadians are known for being polite, but that is only to your face. Watch out behind your back, because liberal Canadians would applaud most of what this guy has said (not unlike many liberal Americans, for that matter).
  5. No.
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    Smart man - you'd lose... :cool:
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    First of all I am not your "pal". I am of Polish extraction and am well versed in the Vancouver episode. Are you aware that Canada took remedial action in their legal system? Also, you seem to state that attacks on Polish travellers are the norm in Canada....please.

    Regarding the medical system in Canada....I work in the medical field here in Canada....I did go to the US and was horrified with what I witnessed....babies not given emergency treatment (which can often result in death). So, don't lecture me. I see a plethora of American patients who come here for treatment, as it is not available to them in the US.

    Perhaps you should read more!
  8. Gord


    How lame - ever heard of sarcasm?

    I was simply responding in kind to this:

    "A Palestinean cripple after a strip search, was denied a sanitary napkin and had to wait in the airport with blood from her menses."

    First of all, I flat out don't beleive you "see a plethora of American patients who come here for treatment". Second who pays for them, as this is a publicly funded system. Third, if what you say is true it is just more evidence of how broken the Canadian health care system is, where foreigners are allowed to purchase private treatment from a publicly funded system while citizens are shoved on waiting lists and refused the same option.