If you're stressed so is your kid

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  1. "Science cannot explain the rise of autism, obesity or attention deficit disorders, but one doctor has a theory: parental stress."

    "Mate said the key to raising healthy children is a nurturing home and community, but those environments are extinct."

    "We are not talking about individual parental failure. We are talking about a broad social phenomenon," Mate said. "We live in a society... that completely destroys the parenting environment and then we have all these kids in trouble and we medicate them."

    I find this quote most fascinating.

    "The physician also cited research where doctors could determine which mothers had postpartum depression by examining the electrical activity of infants' brains."

    Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/If-you-re-stressed-so-is-your-kid-2192120.php#ixzz1ZIdsWzCI
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    This doctor has to be the biggest idiot in the world.
  3. I find this very easy to believe. No surprise here.
  4. For a while there, this thread was a tie. One guy thinks the Dr is an idiot and I thought the Dr was on to something.:cool:
  5. Doctors have said that for a long time. It angers those who are diagnosed with these conditions.

    I've always believed that if you hand a baby off to a family of gorillas, he's going to grow up swinging from vines and living on a diet of bananas.

    When you see a screwed up person, chances are the parents are screwed up. If you took Albert Einstein and handed him off to a whacko couple, he would have become a whacko.

    Nothing about genes and everything about environment. It's actually good news because it's easy (easier) to change behavior than genes.
  6. Poisoned food supplies and vaccinations with deliberate attempt to deaden the emotions of the children. This is to turn the child into a robot. Males kept out of the way. Females turned into sexually responsive slaves. Way of the world. Sorry they didn't tell you about it on TV.
  7. Postpartum depression has a number of causes:
    - c-section breaking maternal bond
    - forced separation in the hospital to break the maternal bond
    - switching babies in the nursery
    - drug-induced through IVs and vaccinations

    Mild depression is natural as the woman comes down off the endorphins and hormones flooding her body while pregnant. If maternal bonding is continuous through the birthing process, that depression is usually replaced with a sense of joy. Doctors don't like to tell women that, because it creates trauma that allows sexual manipulation of the mother and child.
  8. Have you ever seen the symbol on the side of an ambulance? A pin with a snake. What is that? Needle with venom.

    Caduceus = witch doctor