'If you're holding cash, you're going to feel pretty stupid'

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  1. If you're holding more cash than account value, you're going to feel pretty smart. :sneaky:
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    Funny - When I saw that I thought "these are kind of headlines you say at market tops".
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  4. He was right, I think the market rallied at least 5 minutes after his call.

    His work was done
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    This is one of those Richard Dennis moments, when he picks up the News Paper and it says, Heinold commodities is buying? Hm.....I wonder?:sneaky:
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    Retail cannot hedge correctly. They buy put options without realizing what they’re actually buying. “Maybe I’ll buy this put or that put,” yet they can’t even understand simple Greeks. Fortunately, short selling is tough to get screened for in any case. Mom and pop are sort of lucky for the hinderance, but it does hinder other traders who know exactly what they’re doing.

    I’m speaking to the 99%, after our shitstorm is over in three years. You can get back into the index. Not even gonna bother on explaining inverse ETF’s or bond trades soooo..... cash is king.
    Otherwise.... your FA is gonna give you a fantastic return. *wink wink*

    But....what do I know?
  7. Ray Dalio laughed all the way to the bank :).


    Did anyone buy today? "it takes courage to be a pig". :)
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