If You're Having Virus/Malware Problems, ESET NOD32 Is $10 Measly Bucks @ Newegg

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  1. Here's another good one MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware and this one is FREE:


    I used this tool to clean up a friend's computer that was badly infected with numerous viruses and trojans and I was able to get it COMPLETELY CLEAN by using this tool alone. It solved problems that were not solved with A-Squared, SpyBot Search and Destroy, and SuperANTISpyware. I definitely recommend it to clean up any system. Not sure how the prevention works, as I did not actually buy the upgrade, only used the free portion...

  2. Personally I'd go w/ Kaspersky internet security 2009 for $20/yr.
  3. Better still ... Avira for free.
  4. http://beta.eset.com/

    ESET smart security 4 Beta. Free until March 2009.

    Running it since November and very happy with it.
  5. I like NOD2 better than any of those mentioned.


    Avira is good, but no email scanning. Not really a big deal.
  6. Yes, there are some real morons on this site.

    I give a heads up to probably the best malware/antivirus software made for $10 (regularly $40 or more), and some morons rank the thread one star.

    Real winners...we got a parade of real winners here.
  7. Been using NOD32 for the last 3 years. Chose NOD32 as possibly the best of those rated and reviewed as there is no perfect software.

    $10 per year is a lot though, like 2.7 cents per day and all.
  8. taodr


  9. That does not work when you need your first update. You get rejected.

    Read the comments posted in the link you posted (the 4th comment, particularly).

    Honestly, NOD32 has locked my security up tighter than even I had anticipated after reading the rave reviews and test results.
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