If your near retirment

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    you will want you investments in common stocks to rise. If you have over 20-30 years till retirement you should want common stocks to fall so you can buy at reasonable prices. Very few in and out traders make it, but long term investors holding a broad portfolio of quality stocks, or even a total market index fund will no doubt make it with the added element of time. So be wise have patience and hope for prices to fall.
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    whats the price of oranges in china???
  3. Stock indices reflect the accumulations of the printing of money by the fed....better than the bond indices...unfortunately indices do not equal just any stocks...

    If all stocks values were truly reflected in indices it would be very interesting to see the result versus bonds...

    Then the printing press wins hands down on an overall basis...
  4. If your near retirement you should be in income generating equities be it bonds or preferred stock, not common.

    As for printing presses, some oughtta do some reading as to see how expanding economies need more cash into the system. This is why the silly gold standard was doomed to fail.