If your going to remove obama care, remove free medical services as well.

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  1. For example. If you call 911, the ambulance will verify if you have insurance. If you do not have insurance or a medical margin account that can cover the costs then the ambulance drives away.

    Same thing, if you show up to a hospital emergency room, you have to show proof of insurance or pay up front.

    If you cannot do either, then they kick you out of the hospital.

    So anyone without insurance, or money will get no treatment period, even life saving treatment.

    No Obamacare, Americans will have a free choice. Not buying insurance, means taking a risk.
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    You mean something along the lines of personal responsibility?

    GL with that.
  3. Especially in today's entitlement society where "the poor" are obese and getting fatter every day eating taxpayer provided food while watching their big screen TVs, illegal aliens protest in our streets and get "in state" tuition, squatters are "victims" of "banksters," parasitic occutards are pandered to and given a pass on breaking local laws and fees, etc. But did you realize we're WORSE than Iran (on human rights) ? :p
  4. do the same thing for the fire department while you're at it..
  5. Police as well.Make citizens defend themselves or hire personal bodyguards.Why should I pay for someone elses safety or fire protection
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    I think some places already do that. I remember where I grew up if your name wasn't on the FD's list of payers they would not put the fire out. They would only protect paying neighbors houses from the airborne embers.
  7. Ah, the satire, have to love it. I'm just guessing here, but I think the OP is saying that might want to think about what we have here already. I know that I would prefer to have some of my tax money go to help anyone, yes anyone who needs immediate, emergency health care. Don't send the ambulance away.

    Most of us pay taxes, we're lucky to do so. Sounds funny, but I prefer to pay those quarterlies than to not have enough income to justify filing a return.

    Doctors have their hippocratic oath, and I think most people feel the same way.

    Maybe it's just me, hope it's not.

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    In state tuition for illegal immigrants. I'm NEVER going to understand that one.
    No thread high jack intended.
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    Oh it's not just you.

    A lot of bleeding hearts feel that way. :D

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