If your ass burns and you wipe and get some blood.

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  1. Is that a Hemmoroid? Fucker is a bit of a pain in the ass literally. Any Doctors who trade on the side here to answer this medical question?

    I can answer your trading questions.
  2. Sounds like your speed bumps are damaged.:D
  3. i can't believe you posted this. it is probably piles or you have wiped too hard. if it lasts more than three days it is likely the former.

    these things should be between you and a doctor or a health forum.

    next you'll be telling people how big your dick is.
  4. if it lasts more than three days it is likely the former

    I don't think he has this problem on weekends or holidays. Of course I'm not a Doctor I'm a scientist, jk
  5. Here is your solution:


    You could use it to look up medical stuffs.

  6. Or you could go with this model.

  7. lol that's what I was trying to get at! haha
  8. Did you get drunk and pass out anywhere near killthesunshine?
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    sounds like ass rape to me.
  10. :D!

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