if you would like to learn from a master of day trading click here

Discussion in 'Trading' started by madrid9, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. madrid9


    let me guess, you thought I was talking about me?

    well you are right, I am the master of day trading futures and I am willing to teach several of you how to turn your PCs into bank machines.

    several people on ET will have you believe that you can trade the so called CFDs, where you don't own shares

    that is wrong and criminal, the only way to trade is to trade high volume stocks where you actually buy and sell shares.

    let us begin by you telling me why you deserve the wisdom that I offer

    be creative, but talking about bad leg or dying kids is not allowed

    ok GO AHEAD :)
  2. I don't have a bad leg but I will gladly give my right let if you stop your stupid posts. Shouldn't you be in bed?
  3. Don't bank machines (atms) usually spit out money? That's what I see your previous calls doing.
  4. whoever posted the original to this is on my ignore list ...

    kind of funny since my ignore list is growing.

    let me guess:


    who is it?
  5. madrid9


    Hey good to have you back Steve46

    I am just having some fun, (saw you do it many times)

    but seriously though, if someone could really persuade me that they deserve all my wisdom

    I might consider it

    so people go ahead and wow me :p
  6. Ok, I am having trouble making the payment on the second Bentley and could use your help. I would like to use you as a contrarian indicator. Let me know if you would help me by continuing to post your redicuous calls here every morning.
  7. Guilty as charged

    go ahead then, get down with your bad self.
  8. DWV


    Me and my partners thought about it and we're not interested.
  9. notouch


    Me and my partners used to think this madrid9 guy was an amusing idiot but now we think he's just an annoyance.
  10. Me and my partners do not agree. We think madrid9 , BlueSreak and Trad..3 are quite interesting and amuzing.
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