If you would know, that a major financial Tsunami is about to come..

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    hello Traders

    I am not very experienced - nor a good Trader yet, but I try to listen carefully to some Resources - and one of this Resource ( elliotwave.com ) is predicting a major financial Tsunami with following Words:

    The Financial Tsunami Headed To Shore Has Been Building for 80 Years - The size of the wave will surprise most everyone

    The first "Sign" was yesterday an increasing Volume of the 3x Bear small Caps ETF "TZA"

    here is the Chart including Equivolume


    RSI and MACD have recently given a Buy Signal in the Daily Chart - please check out the Weekly too

    see also the yesterday Performance of all leveraged Equity ETFs


    The leveraged ETFs Bonds Markets shows a mixed Sign


    yesterdays ETF Trading Volume still shows, that Money is flowing into major Bull ETFs


    I might be totally wrong with my Interpretation of the Words of elliotwave and the real Money flowing into the Market

    But what, if I ( and elliotwave ) are right?

    how would you play such a possible financial Tsunami ?

    I would personally start with buying first Positions in leveraged Bear ETFs and going into 2 leveraged Currency ETFs - which one would you choose?


    Dispite a possible global Downturn of the Markets, Money still will floww into trending Stocks - and many of the you are able to locate on the social Platform of Stocktwits

    I hope, I have some Attention with this Posting and hoping for a good Conversation