If you won the lottery...

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  1. how would your trading change? Would you be pretty careless with a $20 million trading acct? I think one could get away with a lot of mistakes when trading with a large acct.

    For example, I was just bored and playing the ES on the simulator today. I kept on selling ES into the run up we had up to 987 this afternoon and was holding 550 ES contracts Short by the time we hit the top. As soon as it dipped a point, I covered my position bringing my profit to over $20K for that position. Now, this was obviously a BS trade but do-able if the acct. size was in the tens and millions.

    Any thoughts? Anyone here trade 100-lots and care to comment?

    -FastTrader :cool:

  2. with 20 million nobody would need to trade.....throw that sucker in a cd and I'll see you in the Keys......ok maybe 1 mill for play trading but no more then that:p
  3. I'm sure I would still trade, but it'd be a lot more fun :D

    -FastTrader :)
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    If I won the lottery...I doubt I would really worry about trading, it would get so eaten up in taxes it would be a liability.
    But you know, I would do it for fun and probably have a 4 year winning streak because I did not need the money!!!!
    Dang and drat.:D

  5. Excuse me, But you live on a boat in the Keys...as far as Im concerend you DID win the lottery!!!:mad: ....BTW. i've ben eating Mahi every night for a week and i still have 7lbs left for this weekends Lobster bake and fish fry!!!:D
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    So the fish police did not take all your fish and lobster away from you when you got the tickets! Don't forget to cut out the brown line out of the Mahi, it tastes better.:D :D
  7. Did it already...we filleted them on the boat...I have three lobsters...it wasn't;t a complete wipe out...but If I won the lottery i would sit on a boat outside key west and would scalp a few trades a day and then go fishing .
  8. And ofcourse you would scalp 100-lots only...anything less wouldn't be worth the effort :D

  9. seisan


    If I had $20M to run with - meaning a $55M-60M lottery win -
    I'd go to Bob Bright and ask him to teach me how he trades 'em big EVERY day.... :D

    'Cause then tradin' gets REAL fun....
  10. Anyone else? :D
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