If You Will Never Make Money, When Will You Quit?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by BPtrader, Sep 20, 2009.

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    If You will never make money consistently (you may get lucky a few times, but it's not consistent), when do you think you will quit trading?

    1. Today.

    2. In a week.

    3. In a month.

    4. In 6 months.

    5. In a year.

    6. in 3 years.

    7. in 6 years.

    8. Never and keep losing money and time and effort.
  2. When they pry the mouse from my cold dead hand.
  3. :D
  4. Eight


  5. you admit you are not profitable?
  6. lol
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  8. Alexis


    People stop when they find another (as expensive?) passion or realize success requires a awful lot of work.
  9. My will says to leave it in my hand (left hand) and cremate it with me.

    If a person is right handed, usually they can't learn to trade (up to 95%)
  10. I am right-handed, I guess I am doomed.

    But I'll give it another 3 months before I quit. That means I'll trade in October, November and December and quit at the end of 2009, sometime around Christmas Day. Yes, I will quit on Christmas Day, it's a good day to quit.
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