If you were to build your dream trading computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rhamos, Nov 21, 2008.

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    what would it include? I am having a custom pc built (haven't decided on whether or not it will be a laptop or desktop yet) and will be using it for scalping on the NYSE. Speed is my main priority I guess. Want to spend between 2-5k dollars. I am completely non-techy, and would like to know what I should be asking for. I already have a pretty good desktop, so I was thinking a laptop as it will mainly be used as a backup, and my tech says a lot of laptops now give the desktops a run for their money.

    Also, is there a reason why trading software (sterling) would open/shut down really slowly on one computer and not on another? The computer that it seems slow on (only when opening and closing the application) is much better than the other one (brand new, lots of ram). For instance, on the one computer, the application opens instantly and closes down all at once. On the other computer, each stock window/chart/etc opens and closes down one at a time. Should I be concerned about this?

    Thank you
  2. My Dream PC would be a Cray CX1.


    Lots of multitasking with this bad boy.

    But serious for most of us I would go with my recent purchase. Dell Precision T3400. Just got one with two 22" monitors with a Quad core 9550 for about $1,600. Very fast machine and reliable.
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    Those guys are WAY overpriced, you are better off paying someone a few bucks to build you a machine for under 1/2 what they charge!

    Spend the money saved on good red wine and fine dining with a hottie.
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    surprisingly, it's not that expensive
    I can make $8,903.00 a day
    but I'm not sure about real advantages using it without some really expensive sofisticated software...
    Oh, I know one -- it can probably replace my oil heater in the winter, too... :) because I would not be surprised if it's very power hungry

    modern notebook with the last Intel 4core processor can do the trick and you can keep it runing 24/7 without paying big bill to your electricity company

    sorry for bad taste joke, but if you're REALLY very active trader and/or scalper, you can take it to bathroom too, at least. I cannot imagine to move Cray over there :) at least the easy way to do it...
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    Surdo, I did build my own, but some people dont have the skills or time to build one so I though Id throw some fish his way..thats all. Im getting ready to build another one for myself as a backup in case the first one has a bad seizure.

    Also looking to maybe build or buy 2 laptops with 19-20" screens.
    HP makes a 20.1" for around $2800

    Anyone have this laptop?, and if so..your opinions?
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    Thanks to everyone who replied...I am going to read through that link now.

    Does anyone have any idea about the software issue I mentioned? My tech can't seem to figure it out.
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    for trading, I would use the most powerful laptop, but with the standard outdated inner screen. After all, you gonna attach 2-4 external monitors, anyways, and rarely will trade outside your desk, probably, just in cases of real emergency, or traveling, etc. or something like this.

    Trading just from inner notebook screen, even if it's huge, is PAINFUL as per my opinion. I honestly tried to do my best, and I failed. After day session I felt very tired and sick, and my performance and final result(s) were devastating.

    Of course, who rarely uses external monitors will never miss them much :) But it's not about feelings, it's about final result -- money.

    Big notebook screen is optional, nice to have feature.
    Anyways, it's not good enough for real trading, IMHO.
    More, it's dangerous. If you prefer trading laying down and/or sitting on the sofa, you can use multiple projection screens (if you have walls :)).

    Otherwise, it's like trading with closed eyes.

    HP have very good notebooks, but among the elite and most powerful ones, I'd choose former IBM, now Lenovo models (even if you order HP online, anyways, it gonna be supplied from China, after all). Lenovo have some advanced features other models lack at the moment.
    Other than that, I would rather not be buying anything from China in these days (even if it's cheap and practical).

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    I bought my setup from trading computer system. I was going to go through falcon systems but these guys are much cheaper that what falcon system offers and they don't mess around with overclocking (which voids your warranty). also everything came packaged together, the computer, monitors, stands and other crap. anyways i'll upload some pics on here of my setup pretty soon, but i'd advise you to save yourself $1000 or more...
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