if you were short AAPL from 96.83...

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  1. would you consider holding this overnight for a swing short?

    just looking for opinions.

    I am considering holding this short for at least the overnight.
  2. well, considering the drop off from the highs of the day and the announcement that they might not have the iphone ready for the pre announced release date, if might drop down further, but personal opinion is not to take the chance, take ur profits while you can and keep the risk low. AAPL can open up tomorrow up or down, have some good/bad news overnight, who knows, not worth an overnight hold if you're already in the money on the short. Take it while you can.
  3. Hard to tell man. I can't really tell you what to do, that is up to you to decide. I would be cautious thought. Just keep a close eye on it and you will be good.
  4. i covered low, shorted up top at last bounce.

    its is a textbook double-top back to January 17th WITH an engulfing bar on that day.
  5. nassau


    although aapl seems to be touching a daily trend line ...if you believe in them tells you aapl under normal ?? conditions will test 95 tomorrow..
    If I were short at your price and bp allowed me to safely hold then I would look for about a safe retracement to 89-92 area.

    hope your trade goes well.

  6. still short.
  7. looks like was a good decision. thanks for your thoughts eveybody.
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    curious george he is wondering what you see your exit and are you now looking to let this trade become a position short versus a day swing trade
    good luck

  9. yes this is going to be a short that i hold until i see a definitive reversal on a daily chart AND a definitive MACD crossover on the daily.

    they are really going to have to convince me that this stock is going back up, and any sort of fake is just not going to cut it.
  10. wow. nice.
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