If you were long 5x leveraged on ES, and today the market is up today...

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If you were long 5x leveraged on ES, and the market is up today...

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  1. I would sit on my hands and stay long

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  2. I will reduce my position or take profits

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  3. I will reverse my positions and go short

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  4. I prefer not to say

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  1. what would you do?
  2. I voted that I would reduce my positions. I'm with you on the whole "buy dips" strategy, but it's beginning to wear thin.
  3. It is taking all of my energy to stay long...the bears make good points, but what about letting winners ride?
  4. Implied vols even though low, are much higher than realized vol.

    A - people are still fearful, so crash will not happen now


    B - options are pricing in positive autocorrelation, aka momentum.
  5. Too many defaults are on the way, including whole countries and US States. Hit and run...
  6. Again, I voted reducing, not eliminating, longs.

    Exposure is the enemy, not direction or momentum.
  7. Took out a new high today and now basing in a tight range in the lower half of the overall day's range. I wouldn't do anything unless we break the low in which case I would cover some if not most of the position.

  8. historically, Mon after the Good Fri is a down day. so, switching to short may not be a bad idea.

    qqqq just closed the overnight gap
  9. I want a Bloomberg terminal :( . Anyplace I can get the historical vs. implied vola charts?
  10. ok, this one is not bad for hist. vs. imp. vola.
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