If you were Iran's head honcho...

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  1. How would you play hardball with the West with 15 Brits under captivity?
  2. Its pretty apparent right now that Iran can push Great Britian, and Britian won't push back, how sad for England :(
  3. As long as the Brits don't pull a Ronald Reagan and trade WMD's for the hostages, this will end like a previous ordeal in 2004 when Iran took a few troops then released them.
  4. For a start our respective governments have removed regime's which were anti-Iranian and were a severe impediment to their regional interests. Saddam Hussiens Iraq and the Taliban strongly supported by Pakistan.

    This was done under the guise of 'The War on Terror' which is just a convenient way of shutting up former CIA sponsored anti Soviet Union mujahaddin (see Operation Cyclone)

    Knowing this Iranians have begun to see this time as being
    'The Time of Iran' or Iran's Time has Come' attitude throughout the country. Even newspapers in Iran have this phrase in various printed slogans prefacing news stories about the disastrous predicament the West finds itself in.

    Iran can afford to stir the pot in the gulf because y/our 'patriotic' pro-oil administration, oil companies, speculators etc have contributed to the high price of oil. Something which greatly benefits Iran

    Iran Venezuala and Russia walk the world stage with a swagger these days while our masses are getting their homes repossesed and find ourselves in economic stagflation or worse.

    Effectively Irans best ally is the Bush administration. Both Cheney's clique and Ahmadinajad's regime have a common interest in seeing crude at $100 per barrel!
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    There's no question that the Brits will give up a lot to get their troops back, and there is no downside for Iran. With some skill, Iran can even win concessions from other countries as well, perhaps even the US (as long as we have wimps in the whitehouse and running congress).

    The entire world is looking for a way to look tough on Iran without doing anything. I’d use that to my advantage. I’d agree to release the prisoners with admission (from the world) that they were in Iran and agree to some weird contract that allowed Westerners to claim that Iran had stopped work on nukes while continuing work on nukes.

    This is a nobrainer. Bookmark this post. Some years from now (It’s tough to estimate, Arabs and Persians are so bad at engineering – how’d they go from being the inventors of zero to where they are now?), Iran will announce they have nukes. Unless Bush borrows a pair and takes em out, or some other unlikely event occurs. I suppose it’s possible that Fwance will grow a set and remove Iran from the Bomb Club, but I doubt it. Other things that are unlikely could prevent it, but . . . well I’d be so happy to see it happen I doubt I’d read this thread.

    So I guess I have a disclaimer. But it’s about as likely as an Al Gore presidential victory in `08. And yeah, if he wins feel free to quote me. Dunno that I’ll notice the thread, but if I do I’ll post some comments about how shocked I was, and perhaps some reasons. Gore’s not gonna win, and Iran will get nukes.
  6. They made a nice chess move. They chose to aggress the pussbags who wouldn't fight back. A US Marine fire team or SEAL boat crew would have left them with bloody stumps and drowning in their own vomit. No questions asked. They chose well.
  7. For the conspiracy theorists...

    Do you think those 15 soldiers are just a set up for a full blown Iran invasion / "rescue mission" by the UK and US soon?