If you were going to short Silver, would you do it now (if not already broke) ?

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  1. I wouldn't short it now . I have been short from the top, took some profits at the recent bottom, but should have taken more.
    It's insane, what's driving silver, it's a totally different market than a few years ago. It wouldn't rally back like that in the past , not so fast. And this parabolic move last year is insane too.

    What's going on ? Beside the silver ETf, and the cornering of the market ? Anyone has long term chart with the $ 40 peak ?
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    If you want your account to be empty in a day go ahead and short.

    Buy truckloads on any sniff or wiff or sneez or shizzle nizzle of weekness/selloff - going to $40 in a jiffy:D :D
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    There you go my friend.
  4. Could be witnessing the real decoupling of Silver / Gold if Silver decides to take off.

    There are just so many squares though purchasing silver it makes you want to be 100% contrarian. No offense to anyone who is holding, you are obviously much smarter than I. But, you have to admit, there is tons of dumb money in metals right now.
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    No - Silver is just running ahead - Gold is on its way up to $1600 - other metals strong too Palladium/Platinum. Its insane for anyone to short em boys.
  6. The parabolic moves .... JPM was short a shitton and was losing 1 billion for every dollar silver went up. I don't know if their whole position is covered now or not but that had something to do with the move.
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    Losing a billion per dollar - now thats a position unfortunately for JPM monkeys would have done better. :p
  8. "Squares"? As opposed to those hip, radical trading algorithm designers? Lol.

    With so many orthodox contrarians like yourself trying to fade the move, I'd say the real contrary play is to be long. As George Soros says, it's better to be a 'contra-contrarian'. The crowd of market professionals is who you need to be fading, not Joe Six Pack who probably doesn't even know how to buy silver.
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    Well put Ghost +1
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