If you were assembling a trading room and you only could choose from ET's illustrious

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  1. Who would you ask and why?...
  2. is this a pat on the back / feel good thread?
  3. make it what you will..there is no hidden agenda...simple question. perhaps the answers will indicate to a new trader some attributes he had not considered.

  4. Wifey, of course because she knows a lot about Forex trading

    I'd ask Steve46 because he knows his stuff.

    I'd ask Mak because of his knowledge on SCT ( IF1, IF2).

    I'd ask Grob of course - I love what he writes and I know he will pull in the crowds!!!

    I would ask Spydertrader too- needless to say why.

    4re lately and "no pm please" for their patience and generosity in sharing - I know they will be very civilized and keep peace
    Easyrider for his knowledge on rockets.
  5. bronks


    Anyone with more than 50 posts and less than 500.
  6. rgn39


    In alphabetical order and questionalble spelling
  7. Would you share the "why"...not that I am questioning your choices...

  8. rgn39


    I figure with this group I would have all the bases covered.:)
  9. You only need one person...mr double of course. :eek: :D
  10. If the trading room is there to take the other side of my trades, I'd invite Jack.
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