If you were 22 years old and just graduated from college...

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    If you were 22 years old and just graduated from college with a degree in finance, where would you look for an entry level position?

    Would you seek out employment at a large firm (Merill Lynch, Goldman Sachs)? A hedge fund (through connections)? Or somewhere else?

  2. I dont know, but i sure wouldnt be asking that question here.
  3. Why not ask that question here?

    In order to get into any place of signifigance you have to have solid credentials like an Ivy League degree. Notice how Goldman and quite a few others do not throw ads up on Monster.com. Thats because they recruit at the big schools and the candidates go to them. Sure its worth applying on their website.

    The hedge funds will be looking for someone who has experience at one of the big firms.

    If you really want to work at one of the big firms and you cant get in the regular way, then I say work there as a financial advisor which is the easy way to get in. For example, Morgan Stanley, and then make connections within the organization once you are there.

    If you want to truly make connections, then you have to live in NYC. Socially speaking, I have met quite a few people who work at the big firms from just drinking at bars and going to organized happy hours.

    I know a guy who works at high level position at Morgan Stanley that I drink with all the time. Send me a PM and I'll give your resume to him.

    The people on this website are mainly prop traders or guys behind PCs at their homes or guys like me, a 30s something has-been that hides in his office at work trying to get that trade in on IB and pretending to be a real Wall Street trader.

    I do like my office, it has a nice view and it is in the financial district. Its so close to Broad and Wall, yet so far....
  4. What do you want to do? Trading? Banking? M&A?
  5. pm me your resume and I'll forward it to my broker, Fast Eddie. He runs a full service office including paramutual betting, sports book, horses, dogs, but no longer chickens.
    Thats good for you, as an intern he would have had you cleaning the cages and sparring with the fighting cocks.

    Rennick out:cool:
  6. The point behind placing someone under stress and having them do menial tasks is not to degrade them.

    The point is so you can observe them and see how they make decisions under stress. Thats the point behind the cleaning of the cages.

    Before Fast Eddy can have you handle the sports book, he wants to see how you can handle yourself cleaning the cage. If you can clean the cage timely, then your ready to move on to greater tasks.

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    I would be stooping as many other 22 year old chicks I could find and traveling Europe.

    Plenty of time for work kiddo go and live a little BEFORE life happens to you. :)
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    That is actually not a bad idea.
    Travel looks great on a College Grad's resume, plus it is a great conversation at an interview.

    Go Bang chicas in Ibiza.

    el surdo
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    Hes right more or less. When I graduated I moved to NYC and alot of doors opened up that weren't available down south in FL.

    I got lucky when I moved here and got into a big bank (Goldman). I no longer work there, because honestly Goldman works their employees to death and treats them like shit. If your attractive with a decent rack you'll be fine though. Being the same race as your boss with the combination of female and attractive helps too.

    You have to be persistent and just keep sending your resume out. Follow up with leads.

  10. Without a post graduate degree your pretty much invisible to the big firms and hedgefunds, not saying you must have a masters or PHD to get a job with an firm like Goldman, Lehman, or Morgan its just that you wont really stand out amongst the millions who are also trying to get into the industry, usually the best way to get in is to be recruited on campus or land a summer internship then join full time later on.

    Good luck with your finance degree, I personally would go back to school for an MFE (Masters in financal engineer), WallSt needs technical people with financial backgrounds. You wont survive with soley with a finance degree as its pretty fucking useless as anyone in the industry will pick up the same knowledge over time its going to be very hard to land a job at Goldman, Lehman, or Morgan as a walkin at your level unless you suck cock ofcourse :)
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