if you wanted to short the QQQQs,

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  1. shorting QLD offers a low-capital alternative. this trade looks interesting with a price volitility of 40
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    What about going long QID?
  3. QIDs price volitility is 35, requiring more capital for the same percentage move.
  4. QID is 2x the inverse of the QQQQs though. More leverage.

  5. Ooh, severe Burn here folks!! :D
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    Want leverage ? Do 20 Contracts short on NQ then.

  8. its a good idea to short QQQQ on monday

    because me and my partners analyzed the situation
  9. I think QQQQ has formed a bearish diamond top. The OBV has triggered a sell but I am waiting for a close below the trend line. The Stochs are oversold, so there maybe a bounce.

    If the short does not pan, then I will just let the stop losses work itself. That is part of trading. I think this will be a nice short.

    The double top had fooled me once and taken my money. However, as the market gives signals, I will have to take them.

    See the attached chart because a picture is worth a thousand words.
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  10. If you're looking for additional bearish confirmation, the Nas Comp broke its treadline on Monday (1/22). The NDX/QQQQ may be lagging the Comp, or the Comp may be susceptible to more headfakes (as seen on Thurs when the trendline was temporarily retaken).
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