If you want to support a real American hero.

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    Some group put up a site saying it was for the Zimmerman defense fund but they haven't contacted Zimmerman. Probably just some scam. But it prompted Zimmerman to put up his own site.
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    He is not a hero IMHO.

    If he is charged I will contribute to his defense.

    But, if George Zimmerman had obeyed the law he would not have been carrying that pistol. If he didn't have that pistol on him he might not have followed Martin or his behavior might have been different and maybe Martin would not have been compelled to assault him.

    Yeah, things might have gone the same way and Zimmerman may have been assaulted and possibly killed. I personally think he would have fought back and that it might not have been a killing. I know what I'm saying is sort of complicated. I think the shooting was justified and that it was legal but I also think it was unnecessary.

    So Zimmerman has killed this kid and in doing so has started something that could turn into violence or alter the outcome of elections or affect us adversely in some way we can't even anticipate.

    That ain't heroism. Neighborhood Watch voluteers are supposed to call the police and nothing more.
  3. What law did Zimmerman break? None.

    He is out protecting the neighborhoods from these black thugs who have been breaking into hardworking Americans homes and stealing what they worked so hard for. He does it for free in his spare time. How many of you would keep a watch out for thugs in your neighborhood? None, I bet. If even 10% of the population was like George, there would be virtually no crime in the US.
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    It is illegal for a Neighborhood Watch volunteer to carry a weapon.

    As I said, I will contribute if there are charges. I just don't see the heroism.
  5. I'm guessing you are Canadian or do not live in the united states. If you did, you would know that its in our constitution that all citizens have the right to bear arms. Not sure where you heard that its illegal for neighborhood watch volunteers to carry weapons.
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    I'm American. I've been posting here since 2005. I'm a gun owner with some heavy iron including an M1A. I'm also a veteran decorated for expert marksmanship with the M-16.

    I read a report that Drudge was carrying that said that Florida has a law that prohibits Neighborhood Watch volunteers from carrying weapons even if they have a permit for concealed carry. The police at the scene apparently weren't aware of it but Zimmerman may face a weapons charge. It may also make him liable if there is a civil lawsuit.

    I've posted supporting Zimmerman for weeks now. Are you going to tell me that you didn't see those posts? Do you really think I want to see Zimmerman charged? Do you want to discuss your use of the phrase "these black thugs" in your original post? Do you think you have a right to "bear arms" on NYC, Chicago or LA streets?

    I've treated you with respect for years. Don't make me regret it.
  7. OK Peil . . . . let me see what you have to trash 377's fine piece of rational liberal progressive thinking.
  8. The right to bear arms and a carry permit are two different things. Everyone has a right to bear arms and while more than a few have a carry permit, most of those are not remotely qualified to carry a weapon on their person.
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    Peil, give it a rest. The guy isn't a "Real American Hero".
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