If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened

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  1. WTF are you talking about?

    You have gone completely delusional. That stat wont even hold up in NYC.
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  2. I would love to have someone even try to debate this.

    Most rich nowdays are born rich anyway. There is a whole world in Long Island, Upper east & west Manhattan that no outsider will ever truly get into. They don't have to work hard, think hard or try hard to be successful and rich, it's just how it is.
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  3. Awww, poor guy can't face the truth , "there can't be that many millionaires!!!!!! "

    Here it is genius:

    United States — Population: 295,734,134
    According to http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/rankorder/2119rank.html


    The number of millionaire households in the United States grew in 2004 to a record 7.5 million


    1 in 39 , looks like you have to stop hanging out in loserville , Population: 1 Hydroblunt
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  4. I don't have any comment on all the extra debate. But with the article, I agree.

    I really do think fear of success is what was holding me back when I first started, and some days it comes back to haunt me, but, I feel like I'm going to be pulling in huge profits like Reardon Metal & nysekiller in the future as long as I continue to take it slow and progress at a good pace.

    But, having confidence and not being scared is only good if you have a system that works. If not, well, your pretty much going to be marching into a battle that you already lost.

    Good article though, another one of those that I had to print out and put in my folder of stuff that inspires me.
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  5. Interesting. If you dont mind me asking, how old is he now? Would he do it again, knowing what motivated him, yet also knowing it worked?
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  6. someone posted that the key to getting rich was staying outta debt.

    IMO, that is 100% wrong. if you use leverage wisely, particularly in real estate, you can make a million $$$. buy a property, lease it out, let the tenants pay off the debt and use the extra cashflow to pay down debt or buy more property. FR loans are preferred. im debt free know, but i have good credit and plenty of cash... when i get a shoty at a good deal in real estate, ill take on some debt again. i do believe that owning a home F&C is a good idea, but i understand the other side of teh arguement, given the tax issues.
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  7. Pekelo


    " If it flies, floats or fornicates, always rent it — it’s cheaper in the long run."

    Very true, wise advice...
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  8. ultranet


    nice to put it in the words....
    good one mate
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