If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Businessman, Jul 30, 2006.

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    and they love to use people like you. a fool who still believes hard work will eventually be rewarded. bye.

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    and btw, for every 1 person who succeeded by not being afraid, there are probably 100 others who did the same thing, worked just as hard, but failed.
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  3. considering 1 out of 37 americans are millionaires,

    I suggest you to , stop hanging out with losers.
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  4. Guile


    I agree with you and I just wanted to add one thing. There are great ideas that make execution and implementation much easier. Think of ideas like Millenium arbitrage, cross border arb, merger arb around 98-2000, ECN arb in the same era, etc..
    Ideas are a dime a dozen but I'm not sure great ideas are so easy to find. And they do make a difference.

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  5. So what you're basically saying is that if you had a choice, you'd rather be poor and STAY poor? Talk about ambition.

    Homeless people don't have debt. As a matter of fact, they don't have anything. But I suppose they sure are happy.
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  6. I walked away from a good 6 figure income to start my own business. Fear of failure made my business a success. Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without risk. Needless to say, there is no reason to take careless risks. Fear is a great motivator when it is self-imposed.
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  7. This thread sounds like a bum talking about how to become a millionaire.


    It's more like a newbie trying to teach me how to trade...
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  8. Failed in what way? To become super-rich? Or failed to achieve anything at all? There are degrees to "failure". I would rather try and succeed only in part - which in absolute terms would be "failure" - than not try at all and not achieve anything. If you assume that every man's hand is against you and the game is rigged from the start (which I don't) then of course you will believe differently.


    PS and as for those with ambition being "used", what do you say to those "used" who do earn a ton of money? Because there's many people like that out there.
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    My younger bro got an idea in his head that he was going to die when he was 40. He was 25 at the time and still has no idea where it came from. He felt that he had to have everything taken care of by age 40 so he worked 70 hour weeks in his shop and at 40 he was retired. Fear made him do it, and irrational fear at that.
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    I don't think Rockefeller Sr. was a risk taker. He was known for avoiding risk by relentless spying on competitors. He was good at improving efficiency. He replaced oil shipping by wooden barrels with oil lines. There might have been some risk in some of his deals that were less than legal, but I feel sure that he balanced the risk with the reward before embarking. Remember, the more money you have the less chance of being punished so your risk goes down as your net worth increases.
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