If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened

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  1. Cesko


    Excellent post.
    Fear born out of possibility for error,such a chimera and irrationality yet so real in its consequences. Amazing to me.
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    I find failure as a learning tool. I aim to stick with it despite pain and losses. My goal is to learn from my failures. I can't learn from others' failures like my own. I've got plenty of books, but they don't help me deal with emotions, which I've found to be more important than any TA ever will be.

    Sometimes trades I make are missed if I'm distracted for a couple minutes, so I don't like to be disturbed. One problem I've had in controlling my emotions is to not take anger of a lost trade out on a significant other. Does anyone else have privacy issues during their trading hours? I've made it known that I'm not interested in striking up intense conversations while trading.

    Does anyone use Tradestation? Being able to backtest your TA ideas seems like it'd be a great confidence builder with Tradestation.
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  3. maxpi


    Years with Tradestation have given me great confidence. I am convinced that most traders don't fail for all the psychological reasons they express, rather that the psychological problems come to the forefront because they have never fully developed their trading methodologies.

    I am from the Bible in all my thinking and have found that we aquire all sorts of fears because we believe lies from the devil, many as small children and more as we are growing up. The cure is to confess believing each lie instead of consulting God and put that sin on the cross and keep doing that daily until you can't find any more irrational stuff in yourself. That also can take years. The funniest thing and one of the payoffs in this activity is that as we get rid of all the lies the people around us become so much better!! If we get rid of that stuff they have less reasons to mess with us. My wife lost a lot of her overbearing nature, my neighbors became downright wonderful people, at work..... still fairly messed up, not sure why that is other than I never wanted to work .....
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  4. Felix Dennis is also a poet. This is from his web site (http://www.felixdennis.com/frontpage.php?varid=11&prevnext=25#).
    It's even better when he reads it (see audio clip).

    How To Get Rich

    Good fortune? The fact is
    The more that you practise,
    The harder you sweat,
    The luckier you get.

    Ideas? We've had 'em
    Since Eve deceived Adam,
    But take it from me
    Execution's the key.

    The money? Just pester
    A likely investor.
    To get what you need
    You toady to greed.

    The talent? Go sign it!
    But first, wine and dine it.
    It's tedious work
    With a talented jerk.

    Good timing? To win it
    You gotta be in it.
    Just never be late
    To quit or cut bait.

    Expansion? It's vanity!
    Profit is sanity.
    Overhead begs
    To walk on two legs.

    The first step? Just do it
    And bluff your way thru' it.
    Remember to duck!
    God speed...
    and good luck!
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  5. This is from the bottom of the same page:

    These are all the 'rules' I am aware of. The biggest error most folk make when going into business for themselves is to believe single-mindedly in their 'idea'. Ideas are literally ten-a-penny. Execution is the real key and to achieve it requires talent. But Not Necessarily Your Own Talent . I have employed hundreds and hundreds of people more talented than I am in my business career. If you can persuade the talent to work for you, you are virtually home and dry - as long as you give such individuals their head (delegate!) their due (pay them and praise them!) and refrain from interfering too much (the hardest thing of all!) Making money is a knack, not rocket science. The three key qualities required are desire, stamina and perseverance.
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  6. Well, I guess I don't want to be rich then. The type of ppl described in the article make me vomit. Sure wouldn't want to be part of that crowd. <<BaRF!!>>

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  7. I'm going through the crash-and-burn phase right now.

    Didn't think I'd make it, but once you lose your fear of death, all other fears become insignificant. Walk through enough pain, and you achieve total clarity.

    One day you'll read about it. :cool:
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  8. Becoming rich, what a crock of crap. Being happy enjoying life and your family and children, thats success.

    Being a father and mother to your children, spending more time with your family, thats success, lasting success.
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  9. lies from satan. lol. how do we get to year 2006 and people still believe in superstition?
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  10. Good post by the thread starter
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